“I have a great memory of José Tomás. I met him at Music courses in Compostela in 1974. Those weeks of class were decisive in my life.
They marked my guitaristic development and were an essential moment in the course of my musical life”.

David Russell

The International
Classical Guitar 2 in 1 Online Competition

Enter 2 competitions with 1 registration fee – no other costs

What is it? It’s a new way of doing an accessible online music competition. Leading guitar festivals from Spain and Finland put the ideas together and are now collaborating by connecting their competitions. Guitar Competition Jose Tomas – Villa Petrer and Classical Guitar Competition of Finland will organise a new online competition during fall 2020.

Now everyone through the world can apply to these two competitions with one application. Process is one but prizes are double – it’s even possible to win both competitions with only one registration fee and clear the table.​ ​Due to corona restrictions all rounds are made through videos prepared in advance, so you can basically attend from where ever. Video format is used to ensure good sound and video quality without any possible connection issues. Online competition also makes the competition both economically and physically more accessible.

Process in a nutshell:
Apply & get in – make video(s) – join the live broadcasts – win the competition, or two!

First 70 eligible applicants will be accepted for Round 1 and will prepare their contest videos. The videos will be set visible at an YouTube channel. From there two separate juries will choose 20 competitors to continue to Semifinals of both competitions, Spain and Finland. it is also possible to be selected to both competitions – in such case the next video(s) can be used for both competitions. Semifinalists will have 3 weeks time to prepare their next videos. Semifinals will be broadcasted like a live performance, and the whole guitar world can join the competitions from their homes, encouraging their favourites and chatting with the competitors and other listeners. Then the Juries will choose 4 players to 2 Finals. Again there will be 3 weeks time to prepare the video for the Final, which also will be broadcasted online. It will be performed simultaneously as a concert for local audiences in Petrer, Spain and in Tampere, Finland. The results will be announced over a live stream from Spain and Finland.

RULES & TERMS ​(Updated: 7.7.2020)

1. How to apply

1.1 Eligible competitors
The competition is open for all professional classical guitar players and students of music schools, higher musical educational institutions and universities from all countries. Competitors must be at least 18 years old and born before November 8th 2002. The winners of the previous editions of these two competitions can attend only to the one they have not won, not to both.

1.2 Competition procedure & dates

a)  July 15th – August 9th 2020​ – Fill in the application form​ found at https://gest.fi/customers/eadcbf/2877?lang=en​ Applications sent after the deadline or using any other method than the application form will be rejected. First 70 eligible applications will be approved and next ones will be set into a waiting list. A separate email will be sent to all applicants. ATTENTION: EXTENDED APPLICATION TIME UNTIL AUGUST 16TH – FAST ONES MAY STILL BE APPROVED FOR THE COMPETITION!

b)  By August 10th 2020​ – Pay the registration fee​ (175 €) with the information sent after confirming the participation. DURING EXTENDED PERIOD ASAP AFTER RECEIVING THE CONFIRMATION.

c) By August 25th 2020​ – Upload your competition video for Round 1​ (more info in 1.4).

d) August 28th – September 4th 2020Video contest of Round 1 is open at competitions YouTube channel ​http://www.tgf.fi/video-contest

e)  September 5h 2020​ – The results of Round 1 will be announced. Two different Juries will choose 20 + 20 players for two separate Semifinals (Spain and Finland). The same competitor may be selected to both Semifinals. The favourite competitor of the audience will be awarded.

f) By September 27th 2020​ – send your competition video for Semifinal​ (more info in 1.4).

g) October 3rd – 4th 2020​ – The videos of Semifinals are streamed online. October 3rd from Finland and October 4th from Spain. Competitors are expected to join to the stream to chat with the audience.

h) October 5th 2020​ – The results of Semifinals will be announced. Two different Juries will choose 4 + 4 players for two separate Finals. The same competitor may be selected to both Finals.

i) By November 1st 2020​ – Send your competition video for Final (more info in 1.4).

j)  November 8th 2020​ – The videos of Final are streamed online and performed also in a concert hall with audience, in the morning from Finland and in the afternoon from Spain. The results will be streamed live later during the same evening, Competitors are expected to join to the stream to chat with the audience.

1.3 Required documents
• A document to state the date of birth (attach when applying)
• Finalists: a ​print quality​ photo (jpg, tiff or pdf) and short bio for media.

1.4 Required video for each round
Each competitor must upload an YouTube video for Round 1 with the following terms:

a) Videos must be recorded exclusively for the competition after the participation has been confirmed. Before starting the playing, competitor says to the camera that this video is exclusively for the The International Classical Guitar 2 in 1 Online Competition – 19th International Guitar Contest, José Tomás Villa de Petrer and 3rd International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland.

b) Recording technique: video’s for each round must be done as a 1 continuous take (as playing for a live audience), one camera on stand, players both hands and face be visible at all time, no audio or video editing (except for sufficient sound level), clear and good audio quality with not too much echo.

c) When uploading the video for Round 1 to YouTube, please ​copy/paste​ the following texts to corresponding fields and do required edits (red texts):

1) Title
Round 1 | The International Classical Guitar 2 in 1 Online Competition

2) Descriptions​:
Competition video for The International Classical Guitar 2 in 1 Online Competition Round 1: International Guitar Contest, José Tomás Villa de Petrer & International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland

3) Tags ​(copy/paste all tags one by one to Tags field)​:
– International Classical Guitar Competition of Finland
– Tampere Guitar Festival
– Festival Internacional de Guitarra José Tomás Villa de Petrer
– José Tomás Guitar Festival
– EuroStrings
– Creative Europe

d) Make sure the video setting is first UNLISTED. On August 28th you may set it PUBLIC and start sharing it (not earlier).

e) Fill in the program form for Round 1 and attach the following: 1.​ a link to your YouTube video​; 2: a PDF of the ​sheet music​ in playing order. Important: name the PDF(s) like this: Familyname-Firstname-Composer-Composition-Roundname.

f) Please check your​ ​video for Round 1 appears on YouTube channel http://www.tgf.fi/video-contest and/or at the website of the competition on August 28th.

g) In case YouTube is not available in your country, please send the video to competition@tgf.fi (with Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or other method, but not as an email attachment).

h) If you will continue to Semifinal and Final, please prepare the videos with the same method BUT this time send them by using Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or other method, but not as an email attachment. To Finland: competition@tgf.fi; to Spain: festivaldeguitarrapetrer@gmail.com

1.5 Confirming the participation & payments
After your application has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions for making the payment. Confirmed competitors will also be published at the website www.tgf.fi​ and ​www.guitarrapetrer.com​ and in the social media channels of both festivals.

Please confirm your participation by paying the registration fee by August 10th 2020. Unconfirmed attendance will be cancelled and this position will be given to the applicants in the waiting list. If the competitor cancels the participation, the participation fee will not be refunded.

2. Program

●  Round 1 (max 10 mins) – max 70 players
–  Video competition
–  Free choice program 2 pieces, or part of it, from 2 different composers (one owncomposition is admitted for Round 1)

●  Semifinal (max 15 mins) – max 20 players per competition (2 x 20)
–  Video competition
–  Free choice program (different from previous round) at least from 2 different periods

● Final (max 30 mins) – max 4 players
–  Video competition
–  Free choice program from different periods (just one of the periods can be the sameas in the Semifinal), and different from previous rounds

3. Prizes

All prizes are announced both at the websites www.tgf.fi and ​www.guitarrapetrer.com

4. Copyright

All videos must be kept online and visible at least until June 2021. Competitors are not entitled to any fees neither for performing at the competition nor for any further use of the videos and their possible broadcasts coordinated by the organisers.

5. Jury

The competition has two independent Juries from both organising parties in Finland and Spain.

5.1 The Jury will choose the winner of the competition. The Jury is presented at the website www.tgf.fi and www.guitarrapetrer.com The Jury for Round 1 may differ from Semifinal and Final.

5.2 The Jury will evaluate the competitors on musicianship, technique, stage presentation andprogramming.

5.3 The Jury has the right to award the prizes in a different way as well.

5.4 Decisions made by the Jury are final and not subject to reconsideration.

5.5 In case the winner of both competitions is the same, the 2nd EuroStrings Artist will be selected from the 2nd positions of both competitions by lottery.

6. Other terms

6.1 The winners (1st prize) of this competition are not eligible to participate in the following editions of that particular competition.

6.2 The organiser has the right to clarify the details of the rules and has the final call at all possible misunderstandings and interpretations of the rules.

6.3 Prizes are subject to taxes or withholdings according to law, unless tax exemption apply. 6.4 By applying to the competition, the competitor accepts all terms of the competition.

6.4 By applying to the competition, the competitor accepts all terms of the competition.

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