Young Promise Category – Mode A (up to 12 years) – Mode B (up to 16 years)

July 14 at 16:00, Caixapetrer assembly hall

⇒ OPEN REGISTRATION ⇐ – You can participate with ACTIVE registration in the Master Classes (elementary – intermediate or intermediate – superior or with the contest only option)

“I have a great memory of José Tomás. I met him at Music courses in Compostela in 1974. Those weeks of class were decisive in my life. They marked my guitaristic development and were an essential moment in the course of my musical life”.

David Russell


1. Open to all students participating as “active” in the master classes of the 27th José Tomás Guitar Festival and those registered in the “contest only” option.

2. Two modalities governed by age: (On the date of the contest).

  • Mode A: up to 12 year old – Mode B: up to 16 year old

3. Dates.
Draw and welcome: July 13 at 17:30 p.m. Caixapetrer assembly hall (attendance required)
Rounds Young promise category: July 14

  • Mode A: at 16:00 p.m. – Mode B: at 17:30 p.m.

Awards: July 14 at 20:30 p.m, Caixapetrer assembly hall.

4. Repertoire: (maximum participation time with repertoire of free choice).

  • Mode A: 6/8 minutes. – Mode B: 10/12 minutes.

5. Scores: A single PDF will be sent by email, a first page with the name, surname, age, nationality and country of residence of the contestant, the program to be interpreted and the scores in the same order indicated in the program. (last day to send it, July 8).

6. The jury will consist of teachers and personalities from the world of music.

7. The decision of the Jury will be final. The final will be by voting system. The first prize will be the participant with the highest score.

8. The winning participants are required to collect the prize personally at the place and time where the awards gala is celebrated.

9. Prizes are subject to taxes or withholdings according to law, unless tax exemption apply.

10. Failure of any contract of award concerts will mean the loss of the rest of the concerts and the amount in cash.

11. Participation in the competition implies the transfer to PIMA Classical Guitar Association, festival organizer, the rights of reproduction and distribution, of photographic and recording material, under the legislation on Intellectual Property, through the media considered, all non-profit.

12. Participation in the 22 International Classical Guitar Competition, “José Tomás – Villa de Petrer” implies full acceptance of the rules.

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