FRIDAY 21 – Morning (10:30 a.m.)


Collective with Instrument


“The guitar will never disappear, because it is the only instrument capable of representing all styles”, Leo Brouwer.

The guitar has always occupied the frontier between the popular and the cult, and thanks to its timbre and expressive richness it is capable of easily adapting to any type of music. But from its predecessors, such as the lyre in ancient Greece, the vihuela, the lute, to the classical guitar or the current acoustic and electric guitars, it has been the best accompaniment for the voice and, consequently, for the song.

This course is aimed at those musicians who wish to improve their singing accompaniment with the guitar, either themselves or others, and the performers (singers) of these songs. Guitar and voice, guitar and song.

Luis Regidor, In July 2011, he won the 2nd prize of the “SHURE MONTREUX JAZZ VOICE COMPETITION” of the “Montreux Jazz Festival”, in Montreux Switzerland, with Quincy Jones as president of the jury (being the first male representative and the first Spanish to achieve the award). Master at Berklee College of Music, in “Contemporary Performance” specializing in modern singing.