SEMIFINAL (18.9.2021)

The Semifinal is different from previous rounds. The semifinal videos will be bundled into sets of 5 performances.

For that, the video must be sent this time as a file, not uploaded to YouTube.

Unlike in Round 1, Finland and Spain will have separate Semifinal rounds, from which again 2 independent Juries will select the finalists.

Your steps

  1. Prepare your video as in the previous round.
  2. Send the video file by September 12th to by using Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or other method, but not as an email attachment.
  3. Join the stream (link coming later) on the competition day, share the link to your channels to gain votes and attend the chat with the audience.

Our steps

  1. Your video will be added to one of the video sets.
  2. Semifinal will be streamed on Petrer Guitar Festival YouTube Channel and Facebook page on September 18th and on the channels of Spain.
  3. The Juries of Finland and Spain will each select 4 Finalists (4 + 4). The same competitor may be selected to both Finals.


  • The results of the Semifinal will be announced on the results page on September 19th.


> Download PDF of video requirements <

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